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Helping you master yourself

So you can master your world

Are you exhausted at the end of your work day?

Do you dread that one client that always seems to take a piece of your soul with them?

Do you feel sick when it comes to having difficult conversations or giving bad news?

Are you just counting the days until your next day off?

Do you go home only to argue with your spouse?

Do you wish you could stop thinking about work so you can be more present with your kids?

Do you feel like you spend all day taking care of everyone else and have no time to take care of yourself?


This was my life.

And then I found a better way.

Let me show you how…



My name is Ericka Mendez DVM and I mentor women in the veterinary profession who are struggling with the stress that comes with trying to be the perfect wife, mother and veterinarian day in and day out. I support them by teaching them how to have a new relationship with their thoughts and emotions while providing them with the insights and perspective shifts they need so they can feel more confident in the workplace, more peaceful at home and ultimately fall back in love with their life and childhood dream.

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Download The Purposeful Vet’s Guide To Saying no without the guilt